Investing Conditions Still Favorable 07-23-14

The market was briefly jolted last Thursday by the downing of a civilian jet carrying 298 passengers and crew from the Netherlands to Malaysia, suspected to be the work of Ukrainian rebels using advanced Russian weaponry. The prospect of drastic escalation in Eastern Europe prompted many investors to reflexively reduce their risk exposure. Read more about Investing Conditions Still Favorable 07-23-14

Bouncing Back 07-16-14

Last week, a large Portuguese bank’s parent company failed to make a debt payment, and the trading of the shares and bonds of the bank were halted, reigniting fears of contagion throughout Europe once again. But the stir was brief, as the bank, Banco Espirito Santo, convinced investors that they had more than enough capital on hand to cover any potential losses from exposure to their troubled parent company. Read more about Bouncing Back 07-16-14

The Great Report That Wasn't 07-09-14

After ending the holiday-shortened week with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 at record highs, stocks got off to a rough start this week before recovering some lost ground today. Although the market initially reacted positively last Thursday to the better-than-expected official June labor market assessment, the good report again stirred up speculation that the Fed may raise interest rates earlier than anticipated (generally believed, not until at least mid-2015). Read more about The Great Report That Wasn't 07-09-14

Inching Upward 07-02-14

For just the seventh time in its history since 1928, the S&P 500 has booked six consecutive quarterly gains. It’s also the longest quarterly winning stretch since a fourteen-quarter run ended in 1998. In five of the previous six instances, the blue chip index further extended its streak to seven quarters and posted an average gain of 4.1 percent in that seventh quarter, according to research from Bespoke Investment Group. Time will tell if we will repeat that feat. Read more about Inching Upward 07-02-14